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Angers business and management courses

MBway Business School Angers provides:

A one-year course accessible to students after two years of higher education: the Bachelor Business Manager (bachelor's degree). This course is the backbone of the MBway Angers programme. It gives students the bases of all-round knowledge in management, marketing, administration and human resources, including the fundamentals and helping students build an international profile before they choose a specialisation.

More specialised MBAs (equal to 5 years of higher education) according to a sector of activity. These are 2-year courses, available as full-time or block-release courses, dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, to digital communication, human resources, asset management or retailing. These courses are accessible to students after 3 or 4 years of higher education or after the bachelor's degree in management in Angers.

These are state-certified vocational qualifications and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

The MBway Angers Business School has made student associations and cultural life a real focus for expressing the talent and potential of our students.

  • Developing skills, forging a network of contacts and enjoying social life guide the MBway association initiatives expressed through the students' union and sports office.
  • The initiatives, projects and activities organised by MBway students are given value through our employability pact and help boost graduates' CVs.
  • Group and individual sports, organisation and participation in events on the Angers campus (Aventuraid, Challenge Red Bull, 24H du Design, etc.)
  • Concerts and shows, themed travel or relaxing weekend trips are all a feature of life at the Angers Business School, making team spirit a real central pillar of student life.

MBway Angers learning approach

The MBway Angers management courses are based on European standards (ENQA) and provide the standards for the teaching provided. For the assessment of courses, each year is divided into course units including different modules.

  • Each module is assessed by an end-of-term exam to test that knowledge has been acquired.
  • Each course unit is assessed by a case study to validate skills.
  • Each year, students must also write a dissertation based on cross-course knowledge and skills.

At the same time, students develop their aptitude for employment throughout the course, so that they can quickly join the jobs market when they graduate. This progression is the subject of a "pact" between the student and MBway. The MBway Angers management school is strongly rooted in a network of partner companies helping to develop block-release courses throughout our academic programme, both in the form of a professionalisation contract and internships.

Our teachers come from the world of business (consultants, top executives, heads of companies, etc.). They contribute their experience, skills and networks, and are all driven by the same goal: to share knowledge and help you succeed. Teaching includes the MBway inter-school challenges, a competition involving the 15 cities in the network, through company games and contests to set up companies.

The diploma is accorded by a certifying jury made up of representatives from the world of business and education. Along with this diploma, the final aim of MBway Angers can be summarised in this way: "To make sure that each student, at the end of the course, will get the job corresponding to their aspirations and skills."