Annecy Business School

Choosing MBway Annecy means opting for a school in one of the most dynamic regions in France, thanks in particular to the numerous small and medium-sized firms. The location of the Annecy campus, close to Switzerland and Italy, is at the heart of Europe, between the lake and the mountains. It is an ideal setting to study for a bachelor's degree or MBA (equal to 5 or 6 years of higher education).

A large number of companies in Savoie and Geneva have already experienced the high quality of our students. So our solid links with over 700 international, national and local companies mean that 96% of MBwians find a permanent job within 6 months of graduation. We provide professional skills and strongly encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, a value that has been cherished at Ipac for almost 30 years. Our students enjoy studying and starting out in business.

The human scale of our campus means we can support our students on a daily basis and foster the personal development of each individual. The first-year courses are all given in English, and the internship of a minimum of 4 months is an opportunity to obtain the skills needed to take on the two years of specialisation with confidence and peace of mind. Our instructors, from the world of business and with a wide range of nationalities, prepare students for a career in an international context.

We also promote these values through the presence on our premises of the French language school, IFALPES, welcoming students from all over the world (over 50 nationalities) to learn French. The combination of the two structures brings out the multinational nature of the campus.

It will be a great pleasure for me to welcome you to MBway Annecy in September.

Director MBway Annecy