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Caen business and management courses

MBway Caen provides several different courses:

  • A one-year course accessible to students after two years of further education: the Bachelor Business Manager (bachelor's degree). This is a course for students with two years of further education and is the basis of the MBway programme in Caen. It gives students the essentials of all-round knowledge in management, marketing, administration and human resources, providing access to the fundamentals and to an international profile.
  • More specialised MBAs (equal to 5 years of higher education) in different sectors of activity. These are 2-year courses, available as full-time or block-release courses, dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, human resources or asset management. These courses are accessible to students after 3 or 4 years of higher education or after the bachelor's degree in management in Caen

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

Network and learning method

MBway Caen is part of a network of 15 schools all over the country. As a result, the theoretical basis for the subjects taught is the same from one MBway to another, guaranteeing the same level of education, which is also confirmed at the end of each academic year through nationwide tests (case studies).

  • Improvement Committees, where directors of studies and partner companies meet each year, ensure that course content is permanently updated.
  • Moreover, each school in the network adapts the learning approach to its economic environment so as to meet the needs of companies, and stressing, for example, in-depth knowledge of particular software that is widely used by local entrepreneurs.
  • This networked learning approach is greatly appreciated  by our students to the extent that it encourages inter-school mobility from one year to the next in line with their professional experience (internships, block-release programmes).

Courses with instructors from the business world

At our business school in Caen we consider it vital to recruit instructors from the business world (managers, executives, consultants) who are recognised for their expertise and teaching skills.

  • This requirement guarantees a pragmatic approach (theoretical knowledge is tackled via examples taken from professional experience), so that students have an active attitude to learning (with workshops, case studies, role plays, etc.), while also encouraging greater interaction.
  • In line with the Bologna process, some lessons are given in English and some in French.
  • The permanent staff at MBway Caen, themselves from the business world, take an active part in the educational project by supporting the students in their career projects, by keeping track of dissertation schedules, etc. thus contributing towards a close proximity that is favourable to fruitful exchanges.

 Course organisation

Students' progress is tested by continuous assessment (tests, individual or group projects) and end-of-term exams (40 % of the overall mark for each subject), while professional skills are assessed through a cross-disciplinary case study (60% of the overall mark for each subject), and through a dissertation and a report on a professional experience.

The management courses (MCE, MRH, MGP,) on offer in Caen are organised around a schedule making integration into companies easier through internships or block-release programmes (partnership or professionalisation contract) as well as opening up internationally (university exchange programmes in Australia, Canada, Mexico or China, internships abroad, double degrees).