Business and management courses in Lyon

Lyon MBway Business School offers:

  • The Bachelor Business Manager is a one-year course, with admission after two years of higher education, and the backbone of the MBway Lyon programme. It gives students the bases of all-round knowledge in management, marketing, administration and human resources, and helps them build an international profile.
  • 4 MBAs (2-year courses, equal to 5 years of higher education, for full-time or block-release students), more especially dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, company financing, human resources or social relations management. These courses are particularly well adapted to continuing the programme after the bachelor's degree in management at Lyon, but can also follow on from other business or management courses.
  • A Master of Business Administration in international business. A diploma equal to 6 years of higher education giving you access to a course in English at Winthrop University, South Carolina (USA).

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

Lyon: an opportunity for courses in management

At the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, the major French region for its skills centres, Lyon was ranked 8th in the world innovation ratings in 2011 (1) and 3rd in Europe for overseas investment.(2)
(1) 2thinknow Innovation Cities Global
(2) Ernst & Young European Investment Monitor

MBway Lyon learning approach

The learning approach at MBway Lyon, specialised in International Management, is genetically based on the permanent interchange between the school and companies:

  • The MBway team in Lyon has been specialised in block-release programmes for over 20 years
  • A network of 1,200 partner companies welcome our block-release students
  • Full-time training advisors dedicated to help you succeed
  • A campus with over 1,200 students at the heart of Part Dieu, the 2nd biggest business district in France
  • A Business Game taking place as part of a nationwide event
  • All our teachers are active professionals who organise their lessons as seminars, giving rise to immediate application as case studies
  • 30 to 50% of the lessons are given in a language other than French
  • Our 5 subjects give you the opportunity to specialise in international business, business and entrepreneurship, company administration and finance or human resources and social relations & HR Strategy
  • Our 5 MBAs are certified by the French Employment Ministry
  • Our Success Pact is organised around 3 criteria: personal development, languages and I.T. skills. These themes have been identified as decisive by our partner companies, and so boost our students' access to employment - which is always our absolute priority.

Each module involves individual support. Languages and computer skills are assessed at the beginning and end of each year with a mandatory TOEIC for all students at the end of the course. Our priority is to determine your progress and not your level.

Lastly, our personalised programme of Personal Development gives each student access to individual coaching several times a year, with the chance to learn how to highlight your strengths and ensure that your personal capacities and career plans coincide.

Every year, our campus is proud to welcome international business students from one of the most prestigious Mexican universities, who come to spend a term in our different master's and bachelor's degree classes, helping to forge a multicultural daily environment.