School of Management: Nantes Campus

Located in a business district, our campus extends from the new Bagatelle site that includes a residential area linked to the urban renewal project, Sillon de Bretagne. This "ecological district" is built around the Angevinière stream, a park and a network of ponds, providing an exceptional wooded environment.

  • Our 3,600m2 campus is on 4 levels and includes:
  • 43 classrooms
  • 1 lecture hall seating 190 people
  • 5 computer rooms
  • 1 media library
  • 1 cafeteria, plus rest areas on each floor

Nantes is a major city, one that is beautiful, pleasant to live in and with a rich cultural life that is recognised throughout the country. Student life is boosted by Nantes University, which has over 30,000 students.

Each year, Nantes hosts a wide range of entertainment, cultural and sports events.  With a large number of museums (Fine Arts, Natural History, Jules Verne, etc.), exhibitions, concerts, from the "Folles journées" Festival to the "Rendez-vous de l’Erdre" via the magic of the Royal de Luxe theatre company, Nantes is an invitation to surprise discoveries.

With its numerous bars, Nantes provides students with great social life when the lessons are over. We recommend taking your student card when you go out to enjoy all the special deals.

  • Radio Prun
  • Le Boost
  • Going out in Nantes

The MBway Nantes school has just set up its students' union on campus, and we encourage you to join us on Facebook. The students' union helps bring dynamism to student life on the campus, especially by organising the induction night, helping students find internships, and setting up other events in the course of the year.

Here some of the BDway projects for this year:

  • Induction night
  • Mentoring day
  • End-of-year weekend
  • End-of-year gala
  • Sports projects

Association life at MBway plays a strong part in promoting cohesion between the students, past and present, and partner companies. It helps students get involved, acquire autonomy in managing projects and add experience to their CVs. Active participation in an association is an attractive factor for companies.

The Nantes MBway business school is located in St Herblain, the 2nd biggest town in the Nantes metropolitan area. The site has a number of strengths, such as accessibility (close to the tramway stop), the surroundings (a new district with accommodation for 1,200 inhabitants and 10,000m² of offices) and a student residence nearby accommodating 120 people.