The pink city

Toulouse Management School

Toulouse, the biggest and most dynamic employment centre in the region, is the home of a large number of companies supported by the thriving research, new technology and aeronautics sectors.

An ideal location for a management school 

Our management school in Toulouse is located in the Labège Innopole industrial zone, accessible by bus and train. The major industrial centre in the Midi-Pyrénées region, this industrial zone hosts 700 companies and shops, has 3,000 students, and generates 15,000 jobs.

Labège-Innopole is the home of such major companies as KPMG and Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, and has a dense network of innovative small and medium-sized companies, top-quality schools and training centres attracted by the wide range of services on offer from Sicoval (the organisation administering the south-eastern Toulouse area).

Adapted and fully equipped infrastructure

Our school of management in Toulouse is equipped with all the essential facilities for management students, including a range of areas where they can flourish, learn, make discoveries and enrich the courses:

  • 2,000 m2 of learning areas
  • 4 computer rooms (PC and MAC)
  • Classrooms specially designed for MBway students
  • A dedicated computer room for MBway students
  • Indoor and outdoor signage enhancing the presence of the brand
  • A 350-seat lecture hall hosting conferences, school events and exams and tests
  • Wifi terminals providing simultaneous connections thanks to a new fibre optic network
  • A cafeteria equipped with a microwave and food and drink vending machines

Student union and business school

Like all schools, MBway Toulouse has its own students' union! All through the year, the students' union will be on hand to organise a range of after-school activities, such as the induction weekend, galas, evening events and afterwork events…

In this way, the associations at MBway Toulouse play a central role in promoting cohesion between the students, and the administrative and teaching staff, helping students to get involved, to acquire autonomy in managing projects and to add extra elements to their CVs.

The students' union is also a vital link for communications for the business school in Toulouse. It helps enhance the image of the Toulouse Business School in the outside world.