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Business and management courses in Paris

MBway Business School Paris provides:

  • Bachelor Business Manager; a one-year course with admission after 2 years of higher education, the Paris BBM provides a solid basis of knowledge in business, management, marketing, administration, human resources and international business
  • 5 MBAs (2-year courses, equal to 5 years of higher education, for full-time or block-release students) dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, to management, international business, human resources or finance. These courses are adapted to continue on from the bachelor's degree in business at the Paris school, but can also be a part of other business and management courses.
  • A Master of Business Administration in international business. A diploma equal to 6 years of higher education, giving you access to a course in English at Winthrop University, South Carolina (USA).

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

Management courses oriented towards employment

Our courses aim to match education and training and the professional environment. We continually apply high standards to develop practical and operational programmes so that students can acquire instinctive reflexes and methods that can be applied in companies. This means we can provide the best possible access to the jobs market.

Students are regularly assessed and tested to check that skills have been acquired, and always with a focus firmly turned towards employment. We welcome a wide range of profiles to bring dynamism to exchanges between the students and to help enhance and pool the experiences of each individual in the business school.

Management courses oriented towards the student

The first step in making a success of the Management or Business course at MBway Paris is for each student to know where they are going, how they will get there and what we expect from them. All through the course we are on hand to give them our support, to guide them and help them bring out all their talent.

For our team we carefully select our instructors, who are all experts in their fields and bring a new and professional viewpoint, adapted to the issues of the market.

Our trusted partners!

A successful course is developed alongside great partners. A large number of companies have already worked with us, and are impressed by the quality of the teaching on offer, helping to make our students professional and independent. MBway Paris develops a systematic collaboration with companies and professional associations so that our students can access a professional culture that is close to reality.

Our teaching approach is based on work-oriented studies, on creativity and the human qualities of our students, who can adapt themselves easily and take part in an ever-changing professional dynamic.