Business and management courses in Rennes

MBway Business School Rennes provides:

  • Bachelor Business Manager; a one-year course with admission after 2 years of higher education, this is a core course at MBway Rennes, providing a solid basis of knowledge in business, management, marketing, administration and human resources.
  • 6 MBAs (2-year courses, accessible after 3 years of higher education, full-time or block-release programmes). These courses are adapted as a continuation from the bachelor's degree in business at the Rennes school, but can also be a part of other business and management courses. The MBAs are more adapted to the issues in the sectors of activity in question, and are the natural continuation of a prior course in business and management.

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

In a friendly and practical setting the MBway team in Rennes apply the founding principles of the MBway Rennes management courses. The proximity of the administration teams with the students is a strength for our school and our management courses. It promotes continual interaction, as well as individual support for each student.

While the time spent in lessons is at the centre of the programme, workshops and tutorials are an opportunity for individual work around a professional profile and the development of the skills of each student. These elements help raise the potential of individuals by taking into account specific backgrounds, professional aspirations, strengths and areas needing to be improved, and experience of the world of work in companies.

Professionnalisation and training in management

Professionnalisation is a concept that is applied in all its aspects during our management courses in Rennes. The instructors are mainly active professionals, with rich and widely recognised careers, and specialists in their fields (management, company strategy, human resources management, strategic or operational marketing, law, international sales development, etc.). They represent a highly diverse learning resource, a real wealth for the school and the MBway network as a whole.

They are experts in their chosen subjects, graduates of top schools, and bring together up-to-date and precise knowledge with skills in organising and transmitting that knowledge. The size of groups (from 20 to 30 students) helps to promote constructive exchanges during the management courses and encourages feedback from all participants, with a blend of block-release students and full-time students in the groups.

The assessments taking place all through the course help us to measure the level of our students' professionnalisation through role plays in concrete situations, periodic tests and specific global case studies. The progressive increase in students' skills is based on understanding the company, its strategic fundamentals and decision-making mechanisms, before going on to deploying skills in the last year of the MBA course.

Through its human scale, our school in Rennes places students at the heart of its organisation and its tools in management training.