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Ressources Humaines

Degree awardedHuman Resource Management

  • Academic validation: MBA / 300 ECTS credits
  • Professional validation: Level I State-certified IPAC "Human Resource Management" degree, registered in the French National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) dated 22 December 2014 published in the Official Gazette (JO) of 31 December 2014
  • Accessible with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management
  • School-based or sandwich course

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This human resources course trains MBway school students to design and implement skills management strategies (restructuring, retraining programmes, organisation of working time, etc.) and incorporate current thinking on corporate social responsibility, stress management and ethics into human resource management.

The MBway school MBA in Human Resources (HR)

In keeping with the European organisation of studies, the MBA in Human Resources (HR) offered by the MBway school as a school-based or sandwich course, provides:

  • Top-level professional expertise for young people and adults with high potential
  • Integration or career development within French and international businesses
  • The skills required for managerial, leadership and team management positions
  • Management specialisations for Human Resource (HR) positions
The plus points of the MBA in Human Resource Management
  • Human Resources serving corporate strategy
  • 210 hours in HR strategy and expertise

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