Sea, sun & studies

Vannes business school

At the heart of our MBway Vannes Campus a single watchword - "The Pact Success"! Studying at the MBway Vannes business school means choosing a dynamic, innovative school where talent can be developed. Our business school will be a real passport towards your future, an opportunity to travel and study abroad, helping you towards success with a diploma or studies leading to a diploma:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • MBA
  • Master of Business Administration

And not forgetting the links available between courses in the 4th and 5th years.

You will be taking a high-value course, with support adapted to your own personal and professional development. Take control of your career and put all the chances on your side to guarantee access to interesting jobs. This course aims to take you towards executive functions and managerial positions.

This is why MBway Vannes calls on top-quality professional instructors who are recognised for their experience, expertise, teaching skills and their international orientation. The MBway learning approach is adapted to personal development, while individual coaching makes students aware of their potential, developing their skills and talent, expanding their professional network and making a success of their arrival on the jobs market.

We promote the entrepreneurial spirit, a value cherished in each school in the MBway network. Thanks to the network of partner companies that we have developed and whose trust we have won over more than 25 years in southern Brittany, MBway Vannes is fully embedded in the local economic fabric. This proximity helps students progress within a large number of companies during your course.

You will become familiar with a professional approach, one immediately applicable in the company world. You will find the keys helping you access employment, and boost your arrival in the world of work and make a promising start to your career.

What's more, internships or international block-release programmes will help you develop independence and open-mindedness, and provide an experience that is highly valued by recruiters. The ideal way to stand out on the jobs market!

Through its state of mind, its various human, international and technical components, MBway Vannes helps its students to succeed in an efficient, innovative and pragmatic way. This "cocktail" of theory and practice helps us bring out the value of your skills and sets you on the road to success, while placing a strong focus on your ambitions.

At the heart of our MBway Vannes Campus a single watchword - "The Pact Success"!

This motto is mine…. But yours, too… So I will be happy to welcome you in September to our Campus and share it with you.