Working with an internship student


Working with an internship student

Working with an internship student in your company means taking part in his or her training, teaching them a profession and contributing to their access to employment.

For the company, it means having access to a fresh outlook from outside your company, as well as a way to anticipate your recruitment needs and determine the right profile of your future co-worker in detail.

Profiles adapted to your needs

In your search for interns, MBway and its network of 15 campuses provide recruitment support and student profiles matching your needs:

  • Student file
  • Profile
  • Speaking one or more foreign languages
  • At ease with specific computer tools and software
  • Career project
  • Experience in companies

Find your future recruit

Each year, the MBway schools organise "job dating" sessions to bring together students looking for internships and companies wishing to recruit. If you want to take part in these events, you can contact the school(s) of your choice according to your geographic location and the needs of your company.

Oriented towards access to employment, MBway includes internships from the Bachelor Business Manager course.

An essential part of the courses, these periods of intense experience of the world of work are subject to regular monitoring by the teaching team, but also an assessment for the student that involves writing a company report (in the Bachelor Business Manager course), a dissertation (in MBA1) and an expertise report (in MBA2).