Management & international Business Bachelor at Winthrop

4 of our students from the Management & International Business Bachelor program (BAC +4 level) have been registered at Winthrop University (South Carolina, USA) to follow the Spring semester program, which lasts from January to April. 


Among them Johann K. sent us a brief message relating his first experience after spending 3 months in the College of Business, which holds an AACSB accreditation and is ranked 61 out of 100 selected US universities.


“We are all pleased to take the spring semester program at Winthrop Uni, not without difficulty in the marketing and management courses which implies much more concentration to fully understand the specific technical words.
Anyway, we get used to the American way to learn and study. We have discussions during the classes in order to prepare the heavy personal work at the Library which includes presentations, dissertations, and group work.
In the end, more than 20 additional hours of work are required to achieve research and writing activities after 12h30 spent weekly in classroom.
I also got involved in the creation of a breakdance group and I was contacted to participate to the Chinese new year celebrations on the Campus. 
Otherwise, even though Rock Hill isn’t a large town, Winthrop Campus provides state-of-the-art facilities for sports training (swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, squash rooms…), and hosts a Subway restaurant and a Starbucks.                 

I’ve enclosed a picture taken with the building of the College of business behind us, showing me and Jean M.
Finally, I’d like to say “Hi!” to my teachers at MBway in Montpellier. See you in summer ;-)”