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    MBway Grenoble Courses

    Grenoble Business School offers:

    • The Bachelor Business Manager (bachelor's degree). A one-year course, with admission after 2 years of higher education, this is the backbone of the programme at MBway Grenoble. It gives students the essentials of all-round knowledge in management, marketing, administration and human resources, providing the fundamentals and helping them build an international profile, before going on to one of our MBA programmes.
    • A 2-year MBA course in business and entrepreneurship, with admission after 3 or 4 years of higher education, for block-release students.
    • A 2-year MBA course in human resources, with admission after 3 or 4 years of higher education, also for block-release students.
    • A 2-year MBA course in private and professional asset management, also with admission after 3 or 4 years of higher education, for block-release students.

    The MBAs at MBway Grenoble are the natural progression from the bachelor's degree. They are part of a 2-year programme for students who have completed 3 years of higher education and lead to a recognised and effective qualification in business and management. These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment.

    The school's commitments to ensure success in your career:

    • Management courses developed in collaboration with companies, matching the requirements of the jobs market
    • Expert instructors from the business world
    • 30% to 50% of courses given in English
    • A partnership with the Dirigeants Commerciaux de France(business leaders network)

    A "success pact" to boost your access to employment, based on several different approaches:

    • Improving your level of business English, reinforced by a TOEIC test at the end of the course, with proficiency level groups throughout the course (with MBway Chambéry students)
    • Improving your computer skills to meet the requirements of the market
    • Personal branding modules, group and individual coaching
    • A partnership with the APEC executive employment agency, providing access to their expertise on the executive jobs market

    All the management courses at MBway Grenoble are part of block-release programmes in small and medium-sized companies or major groups in the Savoie or Grenoble areas, and an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and increase their expertise.


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