Our management teacher's course

Annicha, Who are you ?


My name is Anicha RAVDJEE, I am 37 years old.
I was born in Madagascar but I am Indian. So, we can say that I represent the French girl in all its diversity!
I started my studies at University with a degree in English civilization and literature. I wanted to become a teacher from the very beginning…but my heart was also attracted by the world of business: I wanted to run a business in a difficult branch in order to prove myself I was a real entrepreneur.


How did you become an entrepreneur ?


Life gave me this opportunity: my dad was hospitalized in 2000 and I decided to help him though I was still at University….he ran a plastic industry!
Then I decided to do a MBA 2 in internship in Business Management and Organization methods. I learnt financial management, information systems, strategic planning, business creation and many other table which helped me to run my new business.
When I entered this company DALBY PLASTIQUE I was an employee and the turnover was around 800K€ and when I left it in 2007, I was the CEO and the turnover was around 1500 K€!

I developed global business by importing trucks of plastic bags from Asia, my English studies really helped me to do it. I think it is very important to be able to negotiate in English nowadays. Students should always have at least 30% courses in English at school or University. You can’t think local, if you want to be an entrepreneur today, you must think global!
Today I am a consultant–trainer, I integrated Delaye Consulting and I work for Mbway management school where I teach economics,  financial management, business management and project management in English.

But I am still an entrepreneur as I work for main groups in Nantes to create an intercompany nursery since 2 years. I will always need to go forward as the students in Mbway.