• MBway

    Management & Business School

  • After 2 years in higher education

    Bachelor Business Manager

    The Bachelor Business Manager aims to give students the fundamentals of management and business administration, and provides a chance to get international experience through the semester overseas.

  • After 3 years in higher education

    9 MBA programmes

    See our MBA programmes giving students the chance to specialise and gain a professional footing in the sector of their choice:

    • Business & Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing, Communication & Digital
    • International Business
    • Business Administration & Finance
    • Asset Management
    • Human Resources
    • Social Relations and HR Strategy
    • Project Management
    • Supply Chain & Purchasing

Our School of Business and Management

MBway is a school of business and management, the curriculum meets the needs of companies. Admission starts at Bac+2 to prepare a Bachelor’s degree in business or Bac+3 for a MBA program equivalent to a master’s degree in business and management.