Management International Business


MBA Management & International Business

Qualification title : Management of Sales Development, specialisation in International Business

  • Academic validation: MBA / 300 ECTS credits
  • Professional validation: Level I state-certified qualification, IPAC "Business Development Manager, specialisation International Business", registered at the RNCP. Decree of 15 December 2016 published in the Journal Officel on 18 December 2016
  • Admission after a Bachelor Business Manager or 3 years of higher education (180 ECTS credits)
  • Full-time or block-release courses


This Management and International Business MBA provides a worldwide approach to the major sales and managerial issues: management, business administration and marketing. It transmits the new values of international leadership to students and develops their global vision, allowing them to take on the management functions they are aiming for. This course, firmly oriented towards international business, is designed to train future top executives in global companies.

Course in Management and International Business

In the spirit of the international organisation of higher education, the Master's and US MBA (Master Business of Administration) courses on offer at the school provide:

  • High-level professional skills to promising students or adult learners
  • Occupational integration or progression within French and international companies
  • The skills needed by executives, managers and team leaders
  • Specialisations of management in international and managerial functions

The pluses of the Management & International Business MBA

  • Immersion in the international markets
  • 210 hours to develop sales based on international expertise