Employability: APEC partnership


MBway and the executive employment agency Apec are partners in promoting graduate employment

With over 70 % of students in work at the end of their courses, employability is a priority for the MBway network of business and management schools.

Through a skills-based approach, we includes in our Bachelor's degree and MBA courses close individual support for students until they enter the job market. Taking this approach further, MBway has associated with the executive employment agency Apec with the shared aim of developing access to employment for young graduates. The partnership was launched with the MBway schools in Annecy and Chambéry before being extended to all the network in 2013.

An operational partnership

As part of its public service mandate, Apec aims to support graduates by planning and preparing their arrival in the world of work. In this way, it provides young people who have completed 3 or more years of higher education with customised services.

Conferences and workshops are regularly organised by Apec staff in the various MBway business schools on a range of themes such as "social networks and recruitment".

Students who have completed 3 or 4 years of higher education are given support in developing their career project and take training modules in accessing internships and assignments.

Students with 5 years of higher education, meanwhile, are given help in looking for employment through individual interviews and group workshops conducted by Apec consultants. Four web platforms have been set up to carry out individual online interviews.

To promote students' access to employment, the Apec consultants analyse the market potential and the feasibility of each student's career project in terms of geographic employment area, salary level and profiles in demand. This effective service complements the action undertaken by MBway in favour of ensuring employment for its students.

"Clés d'emploi" (Keys to Employment), made-to-measure Apec support for young people

Apec provides an individual programme to help young graduates find their first job. Through individual interviews with an Apec advisor, students can benefit from job search assistance that is focused on their tools and their organisation. In concrete terms, the Apec consultant carries out an analysis of the young person's situation. The student is then given an individual action plan with stages to be reached so that the job search can be conducted in total independence.

Tools to complement the MBway employability offer

Access to employment is the priority of the MBway Bachelor's degree and MBA programmes. Particularly oriented towards the acquisition of professional skills and to matching profiles to companies' needs, the MBway business and management school has set up a close, individual support for students from their arrival in their school until their entry on the job market.

To boost students sense of responsibility in their approach to learning and to follow their progress, MBway has also developed an innovative monitoring tool: the Employability Pact.

The areas of progression concern professional skills, personal development, personal branding, languages and IT, with a requirement to reach a level depending on the type of job the student is aiming for.

The Employability Pact is signed by the Director of Studies and the candidate at the beginning of the year and is part of the assessment at the end of the programme.

The Employability Pacts are demanding, and like the MBway programmes, are developed in close collaboration with the world of work. They give students the means to acquire immediately operational skills in a company and support them, all through their studies, in organising and realising their personal and professional projects.