A centuries-old culture


Angers Business School

The Angers metropolitan area, with its 250 000 inhabitants, enjoys a unique and easily accessible location, with a remarkable living environment. Its diverse economic fabric, its recognised centres of excellence and technological innovation, its abundant cultural offer, its exceptional historic and natural heritage all help create an ideal setting for the business school in Angers.

The recently built MBway Angers premises provide ideal conditions for studies at a business school or in human resources and to obtain a bachelor's degree or MBA.

Business school in Angers

The MBway Angers business school offers the Bachelor Business Manager diploma for students who have completed two years of higher education, providing the basics needed to continue their studies and leading to an MBA.

Students taking this course at MBway Angers improve their knowledge of English, with the chance to do a term abroad or an internship in France. With a dedicated company advisor at MBway on hand all through the course, students can prepare their careers and actively seek out a host company for the block-release MBA.

Students are admitted to the MBway school after 2, 3 or 4 years of higher education. The MBA, including a state-recognised diploma, takes the form of a block-release course at MBway Angers.

The company relations advisors work with small firms, medium-sized regional companies as well as major corporations in our region that have made block-release programmes an essential element in their recruitment and training policy.

The MBway Angers business school is ideally located at the gates of the dynamic west of France, and supports students through their courses all the way to employment. Your success is our greatest source of pride.