Employability, Language and Digital Pacts

The aim of the employment-access project at our business and management school is to help students make a success of their arrival on the jobs market by helping raise awareness of their own potential, to develop their skills and talents, to show their value, to optimise their search for work in companies and to promote their employability to the utmost.

  • This is one of the main orientations of MBway courses.
  • It is a cross-disciplinary approach featuring in all our MBAs.
  • It is an educational approach that is the basis for supporting the students in their personal and professional projects.

One business school: three commitments!

The business school, personal development and personal branding

"Personal branding" is an approach created in 1997 by Tom Peters in the US, enabling individuals to identify and promote their personal brand. It provides the tools so that each individual can make the best use of their identity, talents, strengths, added value and difference, and highlight what makes them a unique individual who can achieve their ambitions and their career plan, and become identifiable in a particular market.

All through your business school course, you will be supported in this approach by MBway coaches and instructors:

  • Learning to know yourself better, to develop self-confidence and personal efficiency
  • Optimising relational skills
  • Developing your career project by enhancing your identity and background

A progressive management course with annual assessment.

The Language Pact: a course in international business

The growing internationalisation of the world economy makes the professional use of English and other foreign languages something vital. The MBway courses follow the spirit of the European organisation of management studies and are designed to provide students with recognised skills so they will be operational in their working environment.

MBway is committed to promoting our graduates' access to employment.

For sales development and human resources management positions, the employment market currently requires a B2 CEFR level and 785 points in the TOEIC. But the level C1 can prove indispensable, depending on the job and companies aimed at. The goal at the end of the MBway courses is to reach this level.

  • The approach to languages at MBway is based on a reciprocal commitment that takes the form of a contract, the "MBway Language Pact", signed by the director of studies and the student at the start of the academic year.
  • Language level is assessed in a Business English Test and tests based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the TOEIC.

The Digital Pact, computer training adapted to business

The I.T. approach at MBway plays an essential role in providing access to employment. Its aim is to promote employability by giving students a level in computer skills that is required in the employment market for sales development and human resources management positions in the following types of software: spreadsheets, word processing, databases and presentation software.

  • The approach to I.T. at MBway is also based on a mutual commitment in the form of a contract, the "Digital Pact".
  • This pact is signed by the director of studies and the student at the beginning of the academic year to ensure the student's skills level is adapted to the needs of the jobs market.