Higher education


To meet all students' needs and projects, MBway has a range of educational solutions on offer, including full-time higher education.

Bachelor Business Manager

This full-time MBway course represents an essential and intensive year. Students study full-time at the school for the first term to acquire theoretical tools, before choosing one of three MBway options giving them a first experience abroad in the second term:

Block-release MBA

MBway offers a two-year block-release MBA programme. Students who don't want to take the plunge into the company world on a work contract can take study full-time and do a six-month internship.

A number of procedures are available to finance the full-time course:

  • The regular course: students pay for their studies themselves and do a long-term paid internship
  • Mixed course: students sign up for a regular course but are authorised to work part-time at a job linked to the teaching programme. This can be salaried employment (permanent or temporary contract) or self-employment to finance their studies
  • The CPEM or Partnership Contract: student sign up for a regular course but their studies are partly or fully financed and an internship paid by the partner company. One of the main advantages of this option for the company is that the student has intern status, and is not included in productivity calculations.