The pink city

 Toulouse business school

Our business and management school, MBway Toulouse, places efficiency and access to employment at the heart of its programmes and its Business and Management bachelor's degree and MBA courses. Our school benefits from the infrastructure and support of the Eduservices group, a major player in education, to provide students with the opportunity to study for a Bachelor's degree or an MBA, equal to 5 years of state-recognised higher education.

All-round, state-certified courses at the business school in Toulouse

MBway programmes are certified by the CNCP (Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle), a state commission combining all the government ministries that can deliver qualifications and diplomas. To certify a diploma, the CNCP looks above all at the skills acquired by the graduates and their integration into the world of work.

Admissions in Toulouse are after 2, 3 or 4 years of higher education for a bachelor's degree or MBA  adapted to the business and international business sectors. Our MBway Toulouse business school places great importance in selecting our students, in their real motivation and their aims.

Support from the school towards work

With the help of the MBway team throughout their studies, students forge a career project and actively look for a host company to prepare their MBA in business and management in Toulouse during a block-release programme.

The MBway Toulouse team is always on the look-out for small firms, medium-sized regional companies as well as major corporations in the Toulouse region that have made block-release programmes an essential element in their recruitment and training policy.

The team from the MBway Toulouse school also supports each full-time student in the search for a business or management internship.