Lille business school, management and international business

Ideally located at the heart of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, recognised for its welcoming atmosphere, the MBway Lille school is the ideal place to continue business school studies in an attractive setting and with a wide range of career prospects. Our business school benefits from the dynamism of the Lille metropolitan area: the third biggest university area and the third most important financial centre in France.

A fertile ground for companies, the region also has a great deal to offer. The Nord-Pas de Calais region is a leader in the fields of mail order and e-business, and is also the home of a large number of corporate headquarters. Lastly, the geographic location of the region attracts an increasing number of multinationals wishing to be at the logistical heart of Europe.

MBA and Bachelor's degree is sales and international business

A whole host of projects are open to the Mbwians who are interested in sales development and international business in an energetic, festive and welcoming region. The environment is favourable to studying for an MBA or a bachelor's degree in the fields of international business, management or human resources.

Welcome to MBway Lille!