Block-release programmes abroad


I am currently working abroad, in an internship or on an assignment, and studying for an MBA (equal to 5 years of higher education). MBway has launched a new and original programme to combine work abroad and academic qualifications: the "Accreditation of International Experience".

With this programme students with a minimum of 3 years of higher education can now continue their academic studies while working overseas. This educational innovation is based on e-learning modules that have been developed by MBway in all its subjects.

The adapted programme in comparison with the classroom courses accentuates the "Accreditation of International Experience". This original approach means that students' professional experience abroad can be officially validated, while providing them with the credits needed for their Management, Business and Entrepreneurship or Management of Human Resources MBA.


  • A bachelor's degree or 180 ECTS credits
  • A good capacity for organisation and adapting yourself


  • During an internship, learners sign a convention and retain student status
  • In the case of a job or voluntary work, learners sign a training agreement and are responsible for their working status and other administrative procedures.


  • Validation of company assignment
  • Employability Pact
  • Dissertation follow-up / Expertise assignment
  • Follow-up during the stay abroad
  • Organisation of the Case Study week + TOEIC / thesis defence in front of a jury (last week in August in France)


MBway makes available an e-learning platform including:

  • Study guide, case study guide, company report guide, dissertation guide, company assignment guide, Employability Pact guide
  • By subject: programme, course materials, exercises and answer sheets, quizzes, multiple-choice tests (continuous assessment)
  • A practice case study + teaching notes
  • Video Chat and forum
  • Exams schedule (continuous assessment through multiple-choice tests)