The teaching commitment

An operationally oriented business course
Our MBA programmes

The MBway programmes are above all designed to match the needs of recruiters. This ongoing requirement has led us to develop a pragmatic and operational teaching approach.


In all the MBway programmes (Bachelor Business Manager, MBA), for both full-time and block-release students, we apply the principles of major organisations: setting out a roadmap, developing, enhancing, innovating, assessing and interacting.

In this way, students become familiar with a professional approach, one immediately applicable in the company world.

We give courses a formal structure by defining a precise road map and objectives for each student. Everyone knows where they are going, how to get there and what is expected of them. Choosing one of our MBway courses means learning to maintain commitments based on respect and the desire to succeed.

  • DEVELOPING - both in our methods and in our course content, to stay in touch with the world of work by updating the subjects on offer each year, as well as the teaching material. All our course instructors base their approach on their experience in companies and make links between acquiring knowledge and professional applications.
  • ENHANCING the skills of each candidate, to set them on the road to success and focus real attention on their ambitions.
  • INNOVATING, by opening up multiple, varied learning paths to a wide-ranging public: teenagers or adult learners, students or employees. Our MBA1 and MBA2 block-release students are often salaried employees. This is a tried and tested formula since it leads, in 75 % of cases, to a permanent job.
  • ASSESSING the students through tests and continuous assessment. We also apply this rule to the quality of our courses, which are firmly oriented towards employment. Once a year, we measure the percentage of our graduates who have been recruited.
  • INTERACTING with the company world continually. Each year, a Development Board brings together professionals to update developments in business. This is a vital part of adapting our courses and guaranteeing employment for MBway graduates.

Choosing your learning method

MBway offers business courses with a wide range of instructors, guaranteeing the diversity that is a vital part of our philosophy.

Students can:

  • obtain a diploma through the VAE (accreditation of prior experiential learning), V3P (accreditation of personal, professional or educational learning) or VPES (accreditation of a higher education studies)
  • opt for a full-time or block-release programme in MBA1 and MBA2
  • choose between in-class courses and e-learning, or combine both.