MBA, Bachelor's degree and Business...

Located near the south-eastern industrial zone of Rennes, and accessible by metro and bus, MBway Rennes enjoys the infrastructure of a campus that has been onsite for over 20 years. The school is a major educational player in the west of France and now partners over 1,500 companies, providing students with the opportunity to study for an MBA or a bachelor's degree in business.

The economic fabric in Brittany is dynamic and has strong growth, providing a large number of opportunities for internships and employment. In an environment strongly marked by innovation and the emergence of start-ups in a wide range of fields, our students study alongside players from modern companies, from small and medium-sized firms to major corporations.

The city of Rennes, the epitome of a student city, provides students with intense cultural activity and adapted facilities. If you love good food, then the sweet and savoury pancakes are one of the affordable treats, while fans of culture will be enchanted by the myths and legends of Armorica, with our heroes and our mischievous korrigans, as well as the large numbers of festivals organised throughout the region.

The city clearly has a taste for success. The MBway Rennes premises are modern and recent, providing favourable conditions for studying an MBA (equal to 5 or 6 years of higher education: MBA USA Master of Business Administration) or a bachelor's degree.