Among the leading French players in private higher education, Eduservices includes 12 schools: Ecole Internationale Tunon, Ipac Bachelor Factory, ISCOM, MBway, MyDigitalSchool, Pigier, AFTEC, Cap Vers, ESICAD, ESPL, IPAC, IsifaPlusValues.

Each year, Eduservices provides education to over 17,500 students in its 31 schools all over France, including 8,000 vocational block-release students, through programmes including bachelor's degree and MBA programmes, mainly in the areas of business, administration, communication and tourism.

The creation of MBway has reinforced the group's overall offer by providing the following diplomas:

MBway benefits from the R&D and instructional design capacities of Eduservices to keep a step ahead of changes in its environment and to adapt its teaching methods and courses to the development of needs and expectations of companies and students.

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