MBA and Bachelors' degrees in Annecy

Close to Geneva, Annecy is a magnificent and historic city, nicknamed "the Venice of the Alps". It is a centre for sport and a dynamic industrial hub with several major groups (Salomon, Entremont, SNR, Outdoor Sport Valley).

A business school at the foot of the mountains

With the mountains nearby and the city centre with its shops, restaurants and cafés, this is a dynamic destination attracting tourists from all over the world. Less than 15 minutes from Annecy old town, the MBway premises are located in the historic headquarters of the Salomon company (a leading international skiing brand), inspiring MBA students with the entrepreneurial spirit of the inhabitants of the Savoie region.

The city of Annecy offers an ideal setting for developing skills and studying, whether for a Bachelor's degree or an MBA (equivalent to 5 years of higher education) in business and entrepreneurship, international business, human resources or private and professional asset management.