MBA Project Manager


MBA Project Manager

Qualification title : MBA Project Manager

  • Academic validation: MBA / 300 ECTS credits
  • Professional validation: Deposited with France Compétence
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Admission after a Bachelor Business Manager or 3 years of higher education (180 ECTS credits)
  • Full-time or block-release courses


The Project Manager MBA at MBway aims to train future managers in project-oriented work. Now a reality at all stages and all aspects of activity, this interdisciplinary system of management combines different components of a company in achieving a goal in a given time period with specific financial and material means.

The Project Manager MBA teaches students how to manage project resources, coordinate an interdisciplinary team made up of co-workers from different departments and sometimes external consultants.

Project Manager MBA

The role of project managers is to listen, understand, influence, convince and find a consensus by bringing the different participants together and developing their skills. They accept to lead so that they are in a position to take decisions. They are pragmatic, results-oriented and have a taste for challenges.

The Project Manager works in all fields of activity:

  • Production (metalworking industry, carmaking, aeronautics, energy, the agri-food industry)
  • Retailing (large-scale retailers, general and specialist stores)
  • Services (for private individuals and companies)

Project management is developed in a large number of structures in a range of sizes and sectors. It can be found in small and medium-sized companies as well as major corporations, in the private and public sectors, and in all company departments: Marketing, Production, Purchasing, Logistics, Human Resources, Finance, etc.)

In the spirit of the European organisation of studies, the Project Manager MBA, as a full-time or block-release programme on offer at the MBway school, provides:

  • High-level professional skills to promising students or adult learners
  • Occupational integration or career progression within French and international companies
  • The skills needed by executives, managers and team leaders
  • Specialisations in supervising and managing project-oriented resources

Quality of organisations specialisation

The "Quality of organisations" specialisation helps students grasp project-oriented working tools, giving access to an essential system of management in all companies, no matter their size and their field of activity. It looks in more detail at all the quality aspects and factors.

MBway and the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at the University of Strasbourg, through its continuing education department, have combined their skills in a partnership aiming to offer students access to high-quality management option.

The course leads to a Master 2 in "Management of projects and organisations, specialisation quality" from the University of Strasbourg and a "Project Management, specialisation Quality of organisations" from MBway.