Find out about admission for MBAs

MBway places great importance on selecting students and on the coherence of their motivation, their potential and their values with the learning and professional aims of its courses.

Requirements, candidate applications and entrance exams are similar for the 9 MBAs, except for the higher level of English required for the Business Management International MBA.

After our sessions, you will be given an individual skills profile.

  • You need to have completed 2, 3 or 4 years of further education
  • Or have proof of the corresponding ECTS credits

Application file

  • CV, copy of diplomas
  • Cover letter outlining your personality and career project
  • Reference letter (from an employer, sports club, artistic activity, association, etc.) and/or academic reference (TOEIC, TOEFL, youth worker diploma, reference from teacher or director of studies, etc.)

Entrance exam

  • Group presentation of job skills requirements
  • Individual workplace role play
  • Test of logical thinking and general knowledge
  • Online English test, with instant assessment of candidate's European level and offering progression recommendations (written and oral test)

Specific recruitment procedures for MIB MBA

  • Admission to 1st year of course: test of English and a 2nd foreign language, test of international knowledge and logical and numerical test
  • Admission to 2nd year of course: English tests (minimum score required: 400 in GMAT and 550 in TOEFL)