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Managing a company is a form of expertise blending knowledge, experience and ingenuity. During your years of study at MBway, you can affirm your personality, reveal all your talents and prove your skill in business and management.

Our school's mission is to help you become a company manager who is at home in the economy and the globalised business world.

International business and management school in Montpellier  

Today, learning the different management techniques in business schools is not enough. Companies expect their executives to master these techniques, but also to have wide general knowledge and a command of languages, so that they can grasp the major developments in the international environment.

So the school focuses on the individual dimension through programmes highlighting personal development and an international outlook on business.

Master's degree courses in business and management

Aware of other cultures, adapted to other ways of thinking, with good self-knowledge and a spirit of initiative, you will acquire a number of strengths: a state-certified diploma (bachelor's degree in business, master's degree, an MBA or US Master of Business Administration), an international CV and a network of contacts - a real passport for the future.

These are, in short, the commitments made to students by the MBway international business school in Montpellier, with careers proving to be ever more remarkable after graduation.

But who knows how far you will go?

Director of MBway Montpellier