MBway fostering talents

MBway organises a contest each year with a national challenge after preliminary rounds in the regions: the Business Game for Bachelor Business Manager and MBA1 students, and the Start'Up Challenge for MBA2 students.

The aim of the MBway Serious Games is to unearth and unleash the entrepreneurial talents of our students and to support them in launching their project.

The MBway Business Game and the MBway Start-Up Challenge are a chance to take up the challenge of a real company launch. For MBway, it is also a chance to support the most determined students by providing professional support and financial help in setting up a company.

The Business Game

  • Every year, bachelor's degree and MBA1 students take part in the Business Game. The project involves setting up and developing a company, with teams of 5 students competing remotely in real time over 3 days.
  • Each participant fulfils a key function in the company (managing director, finance manager, marketing-communication, sales, human resources, international exports) and applies their managerial skills.
  • All through the competition, the teams are faced with a series of quizzes and events, forcing them to be reactive and teaching them how to adapt their projects. A coach on each site supervises the competition and gives students advice.
  • Dynamism, creativity, reactivity, entrepreneurial and team spirit and a thirst for competition are all vital to succeed in the Business Game!

The Start'Up Challenge

  • Designed for MBA2 students, the Start’Up Challenge is a competition where students are asked to set up a company.
  • The aim is to put to good use what has been learned over 3 years, to develop an entrepreneurial outlook or give life to and fine-tune a start-up project. After a MOOC focused on entrepreneurship and specific preparations carried out beforehand, the students are divided into groups and present their project in the form of a Business Plan.
  • A first regional selection takes place prior to the big national final where each selected team has to support its start-up project before a jury of investors: Business Angels, Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Business Incubator / Business Accelerator Directors.
  • Designed to reveal the students' entrepreneurial ambitions and talents, the Start’Up Challenge results in 3 winning teams being awarded a grant and professional support in setting up their own business.