International mission


Giving you a taste for international business
Studying internationally is a great opportunity during your higher education studies

Studying and working internationally is the ideal way to stand out in the jobs market. MBway provides students with all the benefits of an international business school. All our programmes are designed to promote international exchanges and to develop a sense of discovery. Living day-to-day alongside overseas students, speaking foreign languages, studying abroad, enjoying exchanges on a European level - these are all an integral part of MBway's position as an international business school.

To promote international exchanges, at MBway we have developed an attractive and continually updated network of university partners.

These active partnerships with 50 major universities (in Australia, China, Europe, the United States, Lebanon, Mexico, etc.) constitute a highly diverse palette of destinations for candidates wishing to spend a year of their studies overseas.
5 special overseas partnerships:

  • Universidad de Leon / MEXICO
  • Riverton institute of Business & Technology / AUSTRALIA
  • Sussex Downs College / ENGLAND
  • North American Business College of Sciences and Languages / CANADA
  • Deogiri Institute of Engineering & Management studies / INDIA

This kind of proximity means students studying for the Bachelor Business Manager can enjoy a professional experience during their stay with a term blending academic training and professional experience (internship or company visits).

Foreign languages, an essential element

The growing internationalisation of the world economy makes the professional use of English and other foreign languages something vital. In this respect the MBway course provides recognised skills to French and overseas candidates so that they can work in an international environment.

By including at least 40% of lessons in English, MBway encourages the daily practice of this international language and prepares students for working in a company overseas as part of the Bachelor Business Manager course or MBA. The assessments for language learning match the European standards of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).