CCEF partnership

MBway has strengthened the practical aspect to its international approach through a partnership with the CCEF. Following the successful launch of the Bachelor Business Manager, the MBway network sought to enrich its international orientation ever further by opening a new national partnership in France with the Comités des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur Français (CCEF: Committees of Advisors for French Overseas Trade).

This network, at the heart of international markets, is present both in France and overseas (146 countries). It helps to enhance teaching with its practical experience of international business and brings its support in the field to students studying abroad. This new partnership adds extra weight internationally to the permanent interaction between the courses and the world of business, given special importance by MBway.

A support for learning and for students

The partnership between the CCEF and MBway is based around three approaches:

  • support for teaching as part of the Master's degree and MBA programmes from the MBway business and management schools focusing on the countries, products and techniques involved in international trade
  • help for students: support in looking for internships overseas, hosting and supervision of students during their period abroad through the resources of the CCEF in 146 countries
  • participation in the board of studies and university life (input regarding teaching content, assessment of content, examining needs arising from new subjects) and examination juries.

The agreement includes a dedicated training advisor from the CCEF at each of the participating MBway schools.

A partnership with strong added value for the International Business course and international development

The operational skills and the local network of the CCEF reinforce the practical aspects of international business teaching and provide MBA students with support on the ground during their stay abroad. This new programme reinforces the strengths of the Business International Management MBAs at the MBway business schools. Accessible for students after 3 years of higher education, the programme includes study sessions overseas and access to the MBA course at Winthrop University (USA), which is accredited by the AACSB.

MBway has also benefited from this partnership in developing its international programmes in its partner universities:

5 special overseas partnerships:

  • Universidad de Leon / MEXICO
  • Riverton institute of Business & Technology / AUSTRALIA
  • Sussex Downs College / ENGLAND
  • North American Business College of Sciences and Languages / CANADA
  • Deogiri Institute of Engineering & Management studies / INDIA

The CCEF, missions at the heart of international development

As participants in French overseas economic activities for 110 years, the CCEF selects its members for their skills and experience internationally. There are 1700 state-appointed international experts working in France and 2600 expatriates in 146 countries.

The CCEF has a triple mission to:

  • Advise and inform institutional clients
  • Support French companies in their international development
  • Train students and raise their awareness about working internationally, by associating them with concrete initiatives (conducting market studies, market research, internships, etc.). The CCEF also takes part in developing a database of practical case studies in international business.