Business and management courses in Lille

Lille Business School offers:

  • The Bachelor Business Manager is a one-year course, with admission after two years of higher education, and a backbone of the MBway Lille programme. It gives students the bases of all-round knowledge in management, marketing, administration and human resources, helping them to build an international profile.
  • 5 MBAs (2-year courses, accessible after 3 or 4 years of higher education, full-time or as a block-release programme), more especially dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, human resources, international business or retail management. These courses are very well adapted to continuing the programme after the bachelor's degree in management at Lille, but can also follow on from other business or management courses.

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, and are aimed at ensuring access to employment. At MBway Lille the courses are pragmatic, business-oriented and operational, developed with the help of recruiters. Our MBA diplomas are fully adapted to the needs of the employment market.

Management training and teaching

Our management courses are given by professionals from the relevant sectors: Management, Human Resources, Negotiation, International Business and Marketing. They include company managers, consultants or PhDs in their subject. Their reputation goes beyond the Nord-Pas De Calais region, and they bring students their experience on the ground and concrete examples of situations students will come across during their careers.

Company role plays, case studies or professional analyses are featured in the 3 years of studies, with the aim of helping students to apply theoretical teaching and so acquire a directly operational expertise.

The block-release programme for the two years of the MBA course leads to professional experience that is also much appreciated by recruiters. Individual support for each student is a priority at our school. The human scale of the classes, with a maximum of 30 students, guarantees individual support both in learning and career progress.

Lastly, the international aspect of business today means that mastering foreign languages is vital, and particularly English, the world's leading business language. The management courses in Lille are partly given in English: lessons in English and English lessons are given throughout the 3-year course. Lastly, our students can choose to study in the second term of their bachelor's degree at an overseas university: China, Mexico, etc.