Working with a block-release student

Working with a block-release student

Working with an internship student in your company means taking part in his or her training, teaching them a profession and contributing to their access to employment.

For you, it means having access to a fresh outlook from outside your company, as well as a way to anticipate your recruitment needs and determine the profile of your future co-worker in detail. In your search for interns, MBway and its network of 15 campuses provide recruitment support and student profiles matching your needs.

Type of contract

  • Professionnalisation contract
  • Duration from 12 to 24 months

Benefits for your company

  • Training expenses paid by the company's OPCA (joint registered collection agency)
  • Lower social benefits charges according to prevailing laws
  • Pre-selection of candidates in line with profile of position on offer
  • New, rapidly operational co-workers


The salary paid to your future co-worker is set according to his or her age and level of studies.

  • under 21s: 65% of minimum wage*
  • from 21 to 25: 80% of minimum wage*
  • 26 and over: 100% of minimum wage*
    * minimum, but may be higher according to industry agreements.

Find your future recruit

Each year, MBway schools also organise "job dating" sessions bringing together students looking for internships and companies wishing to recruit. If you want to take part in these events, you can contact the school(s) of your choice depending on your geographic location and the needs of your company.

Regular follow-up at school and in the company

An essential part of the courses, these periods of intense experience of the world of work are subject to regular monitoring by the teaching team, but also an assessment for the student involving the development of a company report (in the Bachelor Business Manager course), a dissertation (in MBA 1) and expertise report (in MBA 2).