Annecy School of Management

The MBWAY management school in Annecy has three multimedia rooms and a language lab. Netbooks are also available for students to encourage group work. Each classroom is equipped with video projectors and audio equipment. Wifi is available throughout the school. The various shared spaces on the premises promote exchanges between the various sections and the overseas students from the IFALPES language school. 

The students from the MBWAY management school have access to a large number of magazines, specialised journals and daily newspapers from all over the world in the various shared spaces.

  • Students can have meals onsite, but there is no cafeteria service.
  • The school is next door to a supermarket and near a large number of restaurants.
  • The living spaces are great places to relax, and include drink and snack vending machines.

Annecy, an exceptional setting

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps, is a highly regarded tourist destination. A famous sports city near Geneva, Annecy is also a dynamic industrial centre, the home of several major groups. Students have the chance to study at the heart of the city. They enjoy direct access to leisure activities (water sports, hiking, tennis, fitness activities) less than a kilometre from the campus.

Between the lake and the mountains, the Annecy Business School provides students with an exceptional environment, both summer and winter. The Annecy site is located in the former premises of the Salomon company in the Vovray district. MBWAY shares the premises with IPAC, a management school, and IFALPES, a French language school. The school has a car park and a bus stop.

MBWAY Annecy has an exceptional environment, both summer and winter.

Services for students

Students at the Business School in Annecy have a wide range of services specifically designed for them:

  • open access to documentation (about courses, professions, employment, studying or working overseas, everyday life, sports, leisure activities, holidays, etc.)
  • temporary job offers (baby-sitting, activity assistants, fast food restaurants, etc.)


  • accommodation for students (in partnership with student residences at a discount rate), car-pooling
  • financial help for studies and insurance
  • support for all their professional and training projects (in France and overseas)
  • "point cyb", a free digital space (Internet support for 15-25 year olds)
  • student guide available to consult
  • special offers through partnerships, including the My Student Pass card giving reductions throughout the city (shopping, nights out, restaurants, snacks, leisure activities, practical activities), the Veyrier sailing club, the Nooï restaurant, the US Annecy Rugby club, etc.

An active and dynamic students' union

At the heart of student life here at the Business School, the associations play a big part in the students' year, preparing elections, organising nights out and other events. Among the most active is the Students' Union ("BDE") and Juniors Enterprises, which are managed like real small businesses by committed students.

The Annecy Business School students' union organises an event every Thursday (night out, meal, weekends, etc.), helping new students feel at home. The students' union has also set up a new concept, the "Language Corner", with lunches organised with overseas students from the French language school IFALPES.