Annecy business and management courses

The MBway Annecy Business School provides a range of courses:

  • The Bachelor Business Manager (bachelor's degree), a one-year course accessible to students after two years of higher education. This course is the backbone of the MBway Annecy courses. It provides students with basic skills in management and marketing, administration and human resources, and helps them develop an international profile before they choose a specialisation.
  • MBAs are more directed towards a particular sector of activity. The MBAs are dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, marketing and digital communication, human resources, asset management or quality project management and sustainable development. These 2-year courses are open to students full-time or as block-release programmes after 3 or 4 years of higher education or after the bachelor's degree in management in Annecy.

The MBWAY management courses in Annecy include individual support. The student is at the centre of the process. MBWAY has set up an innovative learning approach to optimise students' integration into the world of work.

The year begins with a day of group coaching chaired by qualified coaches (Annika MANSSON and Anna KARAVA). Students are later coached during individual interviews with their director of studies all through the course. The "success pact", including the language pact, employability pact and computer pact, helps each student to acquire the skills they can use on the employment market. They are the driving forces behind their success, thanks to the tools provided by MBWAY (e-learning for languages, skills assessments, personality tests, etc.).

Students can take part in workshops, including work on their CVs and adapting to the jobs market in Switzerland. There are five classes in all, organised by specialisation in small groups (between 15 and 20 students). MBWAY highlights enjoyment in learning. Students from the MBWAY Annecy management courses represent their school each year during an MBWAY inter-school company contest lasting for three days, the chance to put into practice what has been learned at school. Our assessment system means both the knowledge and the skills acquired by students are taken into account.