Bordeaux business and management courses

MBway Business School Bordeaux offers:

  • A one-year course: the Bachelor Business Manager (bachelor's degree), accessible after two years of higher education. This full-time course in Bordeaux provides students with the essentials in management, marketing, administration and human resources. It gives them a chance to earn their stripes in business and management, to build an international orientation and to prepare for a specialisation.
  • Three 2-year MBA courses (equal to 5 years of higher education), for full-time or block-release students, dedicated to business and entrepreneurship, international business or human resources. These courses are accessible to students after 3 or 4 years of higher education or after the bachelor's degree in management in Bordeaux.

These are state-certified vocational qualifications, aimed at ensuring employment.

MBway Bordeaux is a business school oriented towards excellence with high-quality courses and committed teaching staff. With its management courses in Bordeaux, MBway guarantees that students are able to meet professional standards. We take pride in our network of companies (over 250 companies) and will support you in your career project.

Individual support

At the business school we take care to understand each student's professional project, by meeting them individually and guaranteeing a management course at Bordeaux that is adapted to their needs. And although we help our students build their career project in an individual way, it is still primordial for us that the project should match the realities of the jobs market. In this respect, our business school provides students with access to block-release programmes so that they will be operational in companies straight after graduation. For us this is an essential part of putting our students' projects into practice.

A committed education team

Our instructors are deeply committed to our students' success: case studies and company role plays are a vital part of management courses in Bordeaux. Our aim is for our students to reveal their own personalities and that they should be able to develop them just as much as their skills.

In a world that is continually changing and where companies no longer have any borders, we place training for international managers at the centre of our programme.