Bordeaux business school campus

A strategic location for a business school

The Bordeaux business school benefits from the strong attraction of the Aquitaine region: 27% of executives in the Paris region want to move to the Aquitaine region, and more particularly to Bordeaux. This is a city that attracts over 100,000 business school students and is experiencing rapid growth.

All these elements will increase even more with the Euratlantique project. The project is of national scope, and will connect Bordeaux to Paris in 2 hours, Toulouse in 1 hour and Madrid in 3 hours 40 minutes.

The specificities of the MBway schools

The Bordeaux business school is based on four levers to promote students' success. The first is an "employability pact". Through this project, we work with our students during coaching sessions with the aim of increasing and developing their skills, expertise and personal accomplishments. The key is to combine knowledge and professional skills. Supporting students' access to the jobs market is our priority.

While support towards employment is important, the international dimension of our school also needs to be taken into account. This is why we have a "language pact". Our priority is progression and not assessment - the language pact is the guarantee of practising a foreign language and gaining mastery of the language of business. The Bordeaux business school's mission is to open up students' outlooks, particularly through learning a foreign language. 

Adapting to the requirements of the market means training our students to meet the needs of companies. Today, it must be noted that computer skills are indispensable, and as a result our "computer pact" guarantees that our students master the basics to work in key sectors.

Lastly, the Bordeaux business school has a special partnership with APEC (executive employment agency), giving our students access to the agency's resources. In these conditions, the MBway Bordeaux school is a safe bet for your future!