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Lyon, an international dimension for a business school

The international dimension of Lyon, boosted this year through the presence of 3,840 companies at the Classe Export trade faire, provides excellent perspectives for overseas development. These opportunities in the entrepreneurial field have made the city an essential site for MBway to open a major business and management school.

A business school with full-time or block-release courses

The school helps full-time and block-release students to acquire professional skills in the expanding sectors of sales development and human resources. The commitment of our instructors, who are all active and recognised professionals, is the guarantee of the quality and high level of our teaching.

There is no doubt that at the MBway Lyon business school, young graduates will have every chance of making a successful start in the world of international companies with their bachelor's degree or MBA.

Our educational teams are fully dedicated to preparing you for your bachelor's degree or MBA in business, management or human resources (equal to 5 years of higher education) or the Master of Business Administration (equal to 6 years).

Patrick Vermay-Musset
Director MBway Lyon


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