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MBway Africa Campus

A lever for international growth, Africa enjoys a very strong potential for economic development over the long term, which is why MBway is active on the continent. Our support involves training skilled managers in job-oriented courses such as finance, international trade, or digital technologies, and to reinforce the private sector in support of lasting transformation of francophone Sub-Saharan Africa.

The development of the MBway Africa network aims to accompany the rapid increase of Africans in higher education and avoid a "brain drain" in the following countries:

  • Benin (Cotonou)
  • Cameroon (Douala)
  • Ivory Coast (Abidjan)

In 2016, the MBway network connected with this dynamic by associating with the Pigier campus in Benin, Cameroon and Ivory Coast to develop a 5-year continuing vocational education programme in the following subjects:

Students and professionals taking these courses will have the opportunity to access a state-certified level 1 qualification, and to graduate with double degrees set up with the university partners in Bedfordshire (UK) and Winthrop (USA).

Contact the MBway Africa campuses:

Carré 1270, rue 320 Agontikon                                                                                                                                                           
01 BP 2411 Cotonou, Benin
00(229) 21302906

akwa carrefour idéal rue des écoles
BP 1133 Douala Cameroon
Hot line: 00(237) 696703976
Landline 00(237) 233428368

Plateau, 23 boulevard de la république
01 BP 1585 Abidjan 01 plateau Ivory Coast
00(225) 20303500